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3 - Sample the World!

Course length

26 Minutes


About the section

Loops are a great way to get inspiration for new songs. Also, they are a great solution for when you get stuck for a melody or vibe. Songs can be built around loops, and by removing the loop you can have a new work. In the first video, we add a loop to our track in Studio One.

Drums, hits, voice stabs, and single notes are all types of one shot samples. In our second video, we take a sample and change it to a melodic patch with the Koala Sampler for iOS. Whole songs can be made from these types of samples.

In the third video we chop up a sample to be re-interpreted in a new way using the MPC Live. Chops can be played like drums or melodically. This style of sampling is paramount to classic boom-bap beat.

And for the last video in the section, we add samples and chops to our track in Studio One.

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