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Computer Workstations

In this first video we take a look a the digital workstation Studio One 4 Prime 


This is a great tool for beginners as well as seasoned professionals; it works on Mac, PC, and Linux 


Folllow as I make a drum pattern and add another layer

To download Presonus Studio One 5 Prime for free CLICK HERE

Sequencers stud 1.jpg
Drum Machine Sequencers

For this section we take a look at the sequencer on the Akai MPC Live

The MPC is a well respected drum sequencer and is capable of handling whole songs including vocals

Follow along as I make the same beat on the MPC step-by-step

Sequencers MPC.jpg
iOS Workstations

In this video we take a look a digital workstation for iOS - Cubasis 2


This is a great tool for beginners as well as seasoned professionals, it is pretty intuitive and comes with plenty of sounds for synth lovers


Folllow as I remake the drum pattern and add in the bass

Sequencers cubasis2.jpg
Hands-on Assignment

Now its time to get your hands dirty!

Remake the sequence that we saw earlier but we will change the second layer for an upcoming surprise.

Don't worry if you forgot the pattern, we will be doing it together!

Sequencers handson.jpg


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