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Dragonfly Bry’s SSLDrums v2.0 - MEGA PACK!!

More than 500 one shot drum samples plus 16 versatile multisampled instruments for the MPC One, MPCX, MPC Live (I and II), Akai Force, MPC Touch, and all MPC Beats/Software controllers.

SSL Drums 2.0 is a mega expansion featuring the best drums sounds from my personal collection from 1997 through the present. 


Each drum sound was played from my original disks from the MPC2000. I recorded the best drums through the super analogue channel strips on the SSL SiX mixer with added EQ and compression to make it bang!


100+ Kicks, 100+ Snares/Claps, 100+ Hats and Cymbals, and 100+ Percussion/FX


The 808 Glider patch has bends at different speeds that syncs perfectly to the tempo. You can also use this as a template for other trapped out 808’s.


The instruments were multisampled from my synthesizers and my Fender PJ Bass with flat wound strings. They are optimized to be efficient on your memory and the whole pack can be loaded up with room for plenty of sampling time remaining.


Perfect for standalone or MPC software/Beats use. Be sure to check out the effects as turning them on/off changes the sounds for more versatility.

Key Groups

808 Glider

Atlantis Church

Band Hits

Cheap Piano

Copper Vibes

E Peeano Butta

FenderP Dancehall

Ghoulish Bell

K4 Mini Bass


Micron-Black Knobs


OP Bass

OP Mentl


Paddingtn Soft

Smooth Edgez Analog


Program previews are included on all of the patches so you can go right to what you need.

The download is 410MB and is instantly available on purchase.


(no instruments/key groups, drums only)



If you have any issues with the drums contact me here 

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