Learn how to produce HIT SONGS whether you're BALLIN or on a BUDGET at the  Music Production Boot Camp!

  • Have you ever heard a song on the radio and thought “I could do that better”?

  • Are you an artist tired of paying for studio time just to put an idea down?

  • Do you want to create music with your own ideas to sell for profit?

  • Or do you want the therapeutic benefits that come with creating music?


If you answered YES to any of the above, this online course is for you!!

Each section of the course shows the steps to making your own music with videos and pdf worksheets. Move at your pace.


When you complete the boot camp course, you will be confident at creating music using the best tools in the industry.

You will be just ONE HIT song away from changing your entire life!

The Full Course shows computer workstations, MPC Live, and iOS devices so you will be familiar with the best production tools.

Classes are also broken down to each specific focus:

  • Vocal Recording/Mixing

  • iOS Full Song Production

  • MPC Full Song Production

  • Studio One Full Song Production

Topics include:


Quantizing and the Editor

Sampling - Loops, One Shots, and Chopping


Recording Audio

Vocal Session Prep

Mixing and Balancing**

What to play?**

MPC Live Workflow including setup for vocals (standalone)**

By the end of the course you will make a whole song with vocals one step at a time!

The full subscription covers over 2 hours of course videos, the pdf worksheets/e-book, access to all of my future production videos, and the support forum for one year

Plus you also get:

  • 2 fire drum packs full of one shot samples and loops! (including all the loops used in the class)

  • 2 Song Mastering credits OR 30 minute Video Call

    • I will master your finished song and give you my insight on how to improve your mix quality. Your song is then  ready for distribution via Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and more!

    • Use the video call to go over your setup, discuss ways of improving production or just to collaborate on a tune!

  • Access to new videos by request - New videos based on forum requests.


  • A computer (mac/pc), iOS device, or an MPC

  • The desire to create something

  • Optional - Midi controller, Audio Interface, and/or a Mic

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