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Get your songs mixed and mastered using the best analog and digital gear at

Mikromix Studio DMV

We mix your music to compete with the mixes from Mike Dean, Alex Tumay, Young Guru,

Jimmy Douglass and other top engineers all for a fraction of the price $$$

(but 100% of the star treatment :)

Make your music clear, polished, and ready for distribution

$75 for songs with 8 stems or less
$100 and up for songs with over 8 stems
two free revisions included per song

mastering included free

vocal tuning additional

radio edit additional


$30 per song
bulk/album rates available

ADAT Conversion

$40 first tape; $20 each additional tape (per set)
convert to daw or get the waves with free mp3 preview of each song

DAT or Cassette Conversion

$20 under 30 minutes;
$40 over 30 minutes
receive a high res wave and mp3 for each tape

Video Calls

Studio Problem Solving, Lessons, Consultation

$50 per half hour

Audio NFT Creation

click for more info


***All file transfers are on done on the cloud server with end-to-end encryption***

For original compositions, vocal tuning, session mix prep/stem sweetening (through analog hardware), audio restoration, and/or distribution assistance, contact me to discuss project details.

Flexible payment options.

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Partial Equipment List:

Solid State Logic (SiX) Mixing Desk 

Dangerous Music D-Box 

Adam A7X and Blue Sky Monitoring

ART Pro VLA II Tube Compressor

Focusrite Penta Compressor

Warm Audio TB-12 Preamp

JLM Audio LA500 Compressor

Kush Audio Electra EQ

Lindell Audio PEX-500

Lindell Audio 7X-500

Apple MacPro

Apogee Rosetta A/D

Focusrite Audio Interface

Korg Triton

Akai MPC Live

ProTools 2020

Logic Pro X

Ableton Live 10

Studio One 5

Harrison Mixbus

High End Mix Plug-Ins and Virtual Instruments

Furman Power Conditioner