I have been producing and engineering music since 1990. I began in the analog world using only reels, outboard effects and mixers to get my sound but now I work with a high end analog/digital hybrid mixing rig. This lets me get top notch results at a very competitive price. It's really the best of both worlds.

I also do vocal tuning/timing corrections, addition production,  and whatever it takes to make the best record possible. To me, the music is a lifestyle and I love taking my clients' music to the next level.

Hear my work on the tv, radio and also many different platforms. I have recorded and mixed music for Blackway, Mya KG, Kuest, DJ Jealousy (WPCG), Pastor Troy, E-Train, Grindstone Universal, Stro the MC (X-Factor), HBO's 'The Wire' and more.


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  • The best Music Mixing & Mastering

  • Professional mixing services with online revisions and delivery.

  • Mix feedback

  • Vocal Tuning

  • Audio Restoration from cassette/vinyl/cd

  • One-on-one video consultations

  • Original Music Composition 

  • Artist Development/Producer Mentoring

  • Music Production Lessons (Beat Academy)

  • Videography and Editing

  • Fast turnaround and bulk rates available​.

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