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Finishing Factory

Online mixing and mastering

Getting your song mixed and mastered has never been easier!

  • Prepare the session to be uploaded (see video for pro-tools session prep; for other formats contact me).

  • Compress the session to a .zip folder and upload it via the file uploader below.

  • Send a deposit of $75 via PayPal. I am a verified member since 2004.

  • Within 48 hours, you will receive a mix file to review.

  • Send your changes (if any) via email or text. If you are not fully satisfied with the direction or the sonics of the mix, I will refund your deposit 100%.

  • When you are satisfied with the mix, I will send prints and an invoice for the balance.

  • I can also help with copyright, publishing, and distribution information.

Mix/Master song with vocal and 2 track instrumental = $75

Mix/Master song with vocals and music tracked out = $150

Clean/Radio Edit =$25

** Song examples finalized at the finishing factory (click here)**


Send your mixed song and get it mastered for optimal balance, volume and clarity. I charge $25 per song for mastering and usually discount the fee for full album projects. 

To have your song mastered, send the file from the upload portal. Payment is accepted via PayPal. 

Send $25 for one song; for more songs, send 50%. I will collect the balance after the work has been accepted. Satisfaction guaranteed 100%. 

Uploader not for mobile devices


Currently, I am using DistroKid to provide digital distribution for new audio releases. This puts the music in all of the digital markets including iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and many more. I have a partner service that provides short run vinyl pressing also.

I can assist with information relating to music copyright, publishing, and song tracking. 

Contact me today to get more details!

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