The Music Production Boot Camp Starts Here!

MPBC Sections

  • 1 - Exploring Sequencers

    We look at three different types of sequencers and get some hands-on at the end of the section.

    Course length

    32 Minutes

  • 2 - Drums and Quantization

    Tips for getting the most from your tracks. Here is how to make the groove loose or tight.

    Course length

    17 minutes

  • 3 - Sample the World!

    Looping, One shots, and Chops. What are those? Let's find out!

    Course length

    26 Minutes

  • 4 - Synthesizers

    A breakdown of the basics of synthesizers and some tips for getting the most out of them.

    Course length

    17 Minutes

  • 5 - Capturing Audio

    In this section you will learn how to record live instruments and vocals to add to your productions.

    Course length

    20 Minutes

  • 6 - Mixing and The Finishing Touch

    Arranging, getting levels, and basic mixing with peak limiting involved.

    Course length

    12 Minutes

  • 7 - The MPC Live Workflow

    Chopping samples, adding keys, creating custom drum kits and more!

    Course length

    33 Minutes

  • 8 - Keyboard Melodies and Midi Loops

    Some basic scales and chords on the keyboard and a few ways I come up with melodies. We also look at ways to use Midi Loops for inspiration.

    Course length

    35 Minutes

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